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    Unable to sign into manager(s) after registering a second manager

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      Hopefully someone has seen this before or has an idea as to what the issue could be. We just added a second server after upgrading to 2.17 on our primary box. The install went fine on the second box, but after completing the registration process (giving the IP of the main box and an account that has admin powers). I accepted the certificate when prompted, I am now unable to sign into either box. (getting invalid username/password).


      appstacks still attach properly, but I can't get into the managers to make any changes or anything.



      slight update: after changing nothing, I was able to successfully sign in to the first box after a handful of minutes. Unable to sign into the second one still though (same invalid username/password message)


      Further update: after being able to get into the box (still unsure why it started working) and looking in the system logs I see messages along these lines:

      AppVol 2.12.1 - Certificate has not been verified


      where it was showing
      "Active Directory error: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=error: certificate verify failed"


      we similarly are using a self-signed cert. I'll try the environment variable as listed above and see if it fixes it. Unless someone else has an idea.