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    Why the esxi host cannot be connected through the local network after updated esxi from 6.5 to 6.7u2 ?

    wood_boow Lurker

      hello every! I am trapped by a very basic problem......

      this week I upgrade an esxi host from 6.5 to 6.7u2 , the media was downloaded from vmware website.

      I just reboot the host and installed the esxi 6.7u2. However, when everything is done, this host still cannot be accessed by the vcenter, because it cannot connected to the local network.

      The host is dell r930, 4 network adapters ,all of them are selected in the network configuration, and they have connected to the switch, and the ports are trunked.

      The management IP of the host is static IP. IP, netmask, netgate are configured correctly, just as the same before they are upgraded.

      The host can be accessed before upgraded to 6.7u2, but now it can't.

      I don't know why for the network configuration is no problem I think. And the physical Switch that the host connected is no problem also.


      I know this question is so basic, but I cannot figure it out......I need some help, thank you!