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    No space / black screen after connecting appstack

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      I have noticed some kind of error which i can't figure out by myself.  I'm using machine from composer with auto log off after 24h. When i mount appstack for user - space on C drive randomly goes to 0 and all agents crush - black screen after reconnecting to the pool (i can't even RDP to this station).



      Machine work good when any app stacks is mounted.






      OS: Windows 10 1703 with MS office 2016  (also tested on W10 1709). Templates testes with OS updates and without


      Disk set tu 45GB (around 23GB free)


      all agents are installed in order specified by vmware.



      Horizon 7.3.2

      AppVolumes: 2.13

      VMware UEM 9.2


      Have someone know what is going on?