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    Number of T0 Configuration limitation

    Naekm Lurker

      Hi Folks,


      I just wanted to double confirm if the number of T0 deployable limitation is up to 80 per System/NSX Manager or per Edge.

      With vCD for muli-tenant services , limitation 80 x T0s per system is too smsall.

      That is why I am posting this so all you guys comments would be highly appreciated.

      <https://configmax.vmware.com/guest?vmwareproduct=VMware NSX-T&release=NSX-T Data Center 2.4.1&categories=17-30,17-31,16-0,18-46,18-32,18-33>


      NSX-T Data Center 2.4.1 Configuration Maximums

      Layer 3 Networking (Logical Routing)

        Tier 0 Logical Routers 80

        Tier 1 Logical Routers 2,000


      Thanks for your attentions.