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    VMware Integrated OpenStack Licensing

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      Author : Daniel Clow

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Integrated-OpenStack/4.1/com.vmware.openstack.install.doc/GUID-EA41C582-D9AC-4974-8B49-1762D96D0642.html

      Topic Name : VMware Integrated OpenStack Licensing

      Publication Name : VMware Integrated OpenStack Installation and Configuration Guide

      Product/Version : VMware Integrated OpenStack/4.1

      Question :

      Hello,  I got License for Openstack, but during activation I have following error: The following license key invalid: xxx . Could you help to solve this problem? Thanks.

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          Which version of VIO have you deployed and which version is the license for?


          To license VIO:




          • Install VMware Integrated OpenStack.
          • Obtain your VMware Integrated OpenStack license key from the License Portal.


          1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu > Administration.
          2. Under Licensing, click Licenses.
          3. Open the Assets tab and select Solutions.
          4. Select VMware Integrated OpenStack 5.0 and click Assign License.
          5. Click New License and enter your VMware Integrated OpenStack license key and name.
          6. Review the license information and click OK.
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            Santi_Lue Lurker

            For my case,

                All other VMware license key is done, except for VIO license key activation. Currenly it's in evaluation mode.

            I am not sure I have to remove the evaluation mode first before I can activate the VIO license key succesfully.


            I want to make sure nothing wrong will happen again sincce already deploy VM via VIO and application is running

            just want to activate key before evaluation mode is expired.