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    Upgrading VCSA 6.7u1 to 6.7u2

    StephenMoll Hot Shot

      In offline environments, is the simplest way to do this by simply downloading the patches?


      The build number of the current installation is 11726888, which places it well down the list of available patches:

      VC-6.7.0U2c-Appliance-Patch 07/16/2019

      VC-6.7.0U2b-Appliance 05/30/2019

      VC-6.7.0U2b-Appliance-Patch 05/30/2019

      VC-6.7.0U2a-Appliance-Patch 05/14/2019

      VC-6.7.0-update02-Windows 04/11/2019

      VC-6.7.0-update02-Appliance-Patch 04/11/2019

      VC-6.7.0U1b-Appliance-Patch 01/17/2019         <- Currently here


      To get from its current patch level to 6.7u2c, do I need to apply each patch in turn, or can some of them be skipped?