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    Writables - Can one user have one writable on Every Pool ? ( ie.. an admin )

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      First I gotta say.. Writables are the DEVIL .  Man have they created so many issues for us .,


      It sounds like the problems increase the more one jumps from pool to pool..


      If i create a vPGU pool.. i generally dont create a whole new ID to test the pool w/.


      I log into it and my writable follows.. and then corrupts most everything.. so nothing works eventually .  At least that's my hypothesis .


      Deleting the Writable generally fixes the issue.


      Im engaging the option now where my writable will only attach to certain computer names / pools.. thus it should only attach if im on a certain pool .


      Granted would be nice to have it attach to my vGPU pool as well.. for better testing perhaps .


      I was curious if one could have a different Writable per Pool.. for the same person . The ToolTip sorta implies the possibility .


      Is it just as simple as Creating a new App stack for a user that already has one.. and changing the "Limit Attachment" to a Unique / different pool ?


      Thanks .