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    vRealize Log Insight - hostd-probe

    etsvmware Lurker

      Seeing duplicate host entries on my vRLI licensing and I've traced it to the following process. I'm running vSphere 6.5u1g.


      7/23/2019, 16:20:01.162

      ------ Early init logs Z xxxxxx.xxxxxx.local hostd-probe: d --------


      1. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

      This is the only event coming through improperly by IP/malformed. Everything else is coming through properly. The only hits I've found have been related to incorrect ESXi hostname fields, which is an issue I don't have. Can't seem to get any hits on this hostd-probe. Anyone seen this?

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          aszabomhm Lurker

          One of our clients have the same issue with hosts running 6.5 build 10884925 and a 3rd party syslog server. I couldn't figure out the root cause yet...

          Just to be sure, do you have name resolution set up correctly, using DNS servers? Because our client prefers editing hosts file and I'm just trying to make sure this is not something because of an error in name resolution.