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    UEM 9.7, Windows 10 LTSC, Mandatory profiles and Start Menu programs list issue.

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      I've got a strange issue with the programs list on my Windows 10 LTSC golden image. When i login the start menu is blank only showing the Search & Settings windows 10 apps (screenshot 1). In the UEM logs i can see all of my shortcuts, desktop and programs folder, are being created successfully. I can also see them in the Start Menu\Programs directory in ProgramData. Here's the weird part, if i delete one of the shortcuts on the desktop for e.g. Word or Excel the programs list suddenly springs into life (screenshot 2).


      Im not trying to do anything fancy with roaming the start menu or applying an XML for the tiles, just want basic functionality!


      So just for a bit of background on the steps ive tried so far...


      - Tried with and without the Logon Task - Delete Windows 6.x Start Menu, no effect.

      - Tried running the shortcuts async and non async (not that it should matter)

      - Tried with and without the Mandatory profile by disabling the group policy setting, no change.

      - Tried redirecting the Programs Menu in redirected folders to the users profile, didnt make a difference.

      - Checked permissions on Start Menu stuff (before and after shortcut deletion), no change.

      - Tried running a delayed batch script to delay run to delete a dummy UEM created shortcut to load the start menu as a workaround, didn't work.


      any help appreciated.