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    Difference between creating Tier-0 Router or Gateway

    jamiestarr66 Lurker

      Hello everyone


      I am deploying NSX-T 2.4.1.  I reached the point that I can deploy my first Tier-0 router in active/active mode, I am confused about whether to deploy

      a Tier-0 Router or a Tier-0 Gateway.


      On page 386 of the NSX-T Data Center Admin guide, the steps are the following


      A tier-0 logical router provides a gateway service between the logical and physical network


      2 Select Advanced Networking & Security >Routers > Rout ers > Add.

      3 Select Tier-0 Router from the drop-down menu.







      On page 13, deploying Tier 0 Gateways


      A tier-0 gateway performs the functions of a tier-0 logical router. It processes traffic between the logical

      and physical networks

      1 From your browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://<nsx-manager-ipaddress>.

      2 Select Networking > Tier-0 Gateways.

      3 Click Add Tier-0 Gateway.





      During the procedure to add the Tier-0 Gateway,  the process is requiring that I add a tag.  How have you all address Tags?


      Thanks in advance....