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    New Build, hardware choices

    brittonv Novice

      My current computer is reaching the end of it's service life...   with 32Gigs or memory it is constantly running at 95% and the VM performance is not what I would like. 


      So this brings me to the decision to build a new one!  While Gaming metrics are very easy to come across in researching CPU's, Virtualization metric of consumer CPU's is not.


      Does anyone have a resource that would talk about how any CPU may be better than another?  I used to strictly be an Intel Consumer but after so many vulnerabilities and that patching efforts seem to have greatly affected my systems performance I am open to anything. 


      I am looking for the best CPU I can get for around $500.  I know more cores are better, however is there an architectural advantages between different CPU models, where can I find metrics and benchmarks on that? 


      Additionally, it is not all work and no play.  I do configure my computers to dual boot.  So that 95% of the time I am running VMware and running multiple vm's.  In face one of those VM's is my 'primary' workstation.  But I do set my computer to dual boot such that I can boot it in to a gaming/Video Editing profile where I have full access to the power of my machine. 


      Thank you for any guidance and/or references you can offer