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    Agent 2.17 Causes Program Files Directory Issues

    jmatz135 Hot Shot

      On VMs that we put the App Volumes agent 2.17 on after a period of time the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders end up all kinds of messed up.

      As you can see application directories have been changed to files with no extension and clearly the applications within them no longer work.  These aren't even all applications in appstacks, some of these are applications directly on the VM image itself.  This only happens with agent 2.17 as far as we can tell.  We reverted to the 2.15 agent and everything works fine again (we avoid 2.16 because Visio is broken and other issues make it basically unusable).  Anyone else see anything like this or have any ideas.  Like I said this happens after a period of time after log on so something that is kicking off on the machine is making the app volumes agent go crazy.