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    [vRA 7.5] - Data Collection switch VM's

    ymichalak Enthusiast

      Hi Team,


      We have a vRA infrastructure with 4 vCenter Endpoints.

      • 2 vCenter for Production Datacenter.
      • 2 vCenter for DRP Datacenter.


      VM's in Production datacenter has hostnames like this : LX0001

      VM's in DRP datacenter has hostnames like this : LX0001B


      In the vCAC inventory we see only one vm : LX0001 but after a Data Collection this vm disappear and we can see the vm LX0001B.


      For vRA Managed in the deployment object the vm change also. Some time the deployment contains LX0001 or LX0001B.

      For vRA unManaged Virtual Machine same problem appear.



      what can be corrupted ? vCAC plugIn ?


      What is the link between vCAC Machine and vCenter VM ?

      • The VM UUID ?
      • The vm hostname ?
      • Or whatever ?


      Thanx for your help.