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    Password not accepted?

    Bluenose Novice



      I have a strange scenarios that I hope you may be able to help me with?


      I have previously been using Oracle Virtual Box and have now migrated back to Workstation Pro 15


      the process used to migrate my VMs is, using Virtual Box, “Copy“ the HDD to a VMDX format.  Create a new VM in workstation using an existing HDD and hey presto.


      this process has worked on all bar 2 of my VMs so far.  My Windows u machine just fails to boot and may need a rebuild, however my server 2012 machine is the reason for the post.


      the machine boots without issue but at the log in screen it will not accept my password?  I am using the same credentials as I have in Virtual Box (it is the same VM) but it will not accept my password in workstation?


      has anyone come across this before or have any ideas?


      thank you