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    After installing a HP ESXi 6.7u2 image from VMWare, Update Manager still shows 6.7 complete update 1 & 2 as missing?

    drheim Enthusiast

      I have vCenter 6.7 U2b installed, and just updated an ESXi host in my  cluster to 6.7u2 using the HP custom images off the vmware site.  After I finished the upgrade to 6.7u2(13006603), VMWare Update Manager rescans still shows ESXi 6.7 Complete Update 1 and Complete Update 2 as missing.  We always try to keep VMWare as stable as possible, but should I also run these recommended VMWare critical and non-critical updates on top of the HP customized image?  I am wondering if I am just seeing those because I have the HP customized image, and possibly better to stick on just that image for stability concerns.