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    Visio/Project 2016 stacks cause Office Start Menu tile icons to appear blank

    Dempseyy93 Novice

      We have Office 2016 installed in the build, and Visio 2016 and Project 2016 packaged as individual appstacks for assignment. When the stacks are provisioned to a desktop, the Windows 10 Start Menu tiles (for Office products) go blank (color only) and we're unable to identify the trigger.


      Attempted fixes:

      1. Repackaging Visio and Project in our latest packaging environment.

      1. Resetting the tile cache doesn't resolve the issue, and the icons return after removing the above stacks after restarting the session.

      2. Installing Visio + Project in the build with Office. This causes further issues with licensing of Visio and Project by not utilising our KMS server.



      AppVolumes 2.16

      Windows 10 1709

      Office 2016 (in build)

      Visio + Project 2016 (individual appstacks)