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    Get Folders in orchestrator configuration menu?

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      Hello All,


      I'm looking to find a way to obtain the sub folder(s) under a folder in the configuration menu in orchestrator.


      Below is example and I'm trying to get all folders under sites to obtain folder titled "Site A"  and "Site B" to use in action at presentation layer of the workflow.


      I see ConfigurationElement in API explorer but that appears to be Element specific and don't see how to obtain the "folder"



           Site A




           Site B





      Any help in how to obtain the above information or where to continue my search is appreciated.

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          You can use the method Server.getConfigurationElementCategoryWithPath(String path) to get a configuration element category by its path (the path is the list of sub-folders starting from the root eg. "Sites" or "Sites/SiteA"), and then the property myCategory.subCategories to get the array containing the sub-categories of a given category myCategory.

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