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    Unable to protect vm in my newly created HBR protection group. As after association vms to protection group when i am going to protect vm with ProtectionGroup.VmProtectionSpec object it says Required property vm is missing from data object of type SrmProt

    024manjeet Lurker

      To Create Protection group i am Using SRM APIs 8.1


      steps that i followed:

      1. created HBR protection group using root folder location and available replicated vms


      2. Associated vms with newly created vms


      3. created Managed Object of ArrayOfSrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec


      4. created Managed Object of SrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec and assigned my vm object to its vm attribute


      5. appended new SrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec to ArrayOfSrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec's SrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec list


      6. called ProtectVms with created ArrayOfSrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec object


      Following is the back trash


      Server raised fault: '

      Required property vm is missing from data object of type SrmProtectionGroupVmProtectionSpec


      while parsing serialized DataObject of type drextapi.ProtectionGroup.VmProtectionSpec

      at line 1, column 346


      while parsing call information for method ProtectVms

      at line 1, column 273


      while parsing SOAP body

      at line 1, column 263


      while parsing SOAP envelope

      at line 1, column 38


      while parsing HTTP request for method protectVms

      on object of type drextapi.ProtectionGroup

      at line 1, column 0'