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    vra 7.6 and the fun and games of installing it

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      I have an issue with vra 7.6 and also 7.5 on my setup during installation

      I have vcenter 6.7u2

      esxi 6.7u2

      vra version: 7.6 build 13027280

      the iaas server, which I have tried with Win2k12 and up until June 2019 update as well as Win2k16 with latest July 2019 updates applied.

      both vra guests are placed in the same network on the same host.

      I did the following:

      installed sql server (express 2014), installed iis, installed jre (8u211).

      I uninstalled and installed msdtc because it can cause issues.

      I go through the minimal install, sql and iis is on the same windows 2016 host (with all updates etc.)

      I can go through the whole installation wizard and all is well (green the whole way, all validated steps were validated and good).

      When I star the installation the first step fails with no connection between va and management agent.



      So while writing this I had a bright idea... or so I thought.

      I checked the manager agent status and there are two services.

      1: VMwareCAFManagementAgentHost

      2: VMwareCAFCommAmqpListener



      These are set to manual, starting them got me past the first two steps. STep three where it checks if all services are running I am back to failed and need to check communication between va and management agent.

      It seems other peolpe have had similar problems at step 1 already, I am curious if anybody got it to install and if someone has an idea on how to progress here?



      Again while writing something here... the weird thing continues, I now managed to get to 70%, I notice the 2nd service keeps stopping and when I then start it again and select "retry failed" it continues a bit further.



      In the end I managed to get to end of the installation, surely this can't be the way it's supposed to be though?!