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    vsan multiple vmknic - only one active

    Sharantyr3 Enthusiast

      Hello there,


      I have a stretched cluster deployment with 4+4 nodes, each one with 2 * 10Gb cards.

      By design, even using load balance based on physical nic load, each node can use only 1 card at a time : 1 mac can't be on both nics.


      I don't want to use link aggregation like LACP, it adds unwanted overhead and have been seen here to cause very strange issues.


      So I created another vmknic for vsan trafic, on different subnet and vlan.

      I adjusted policies on my vDS so vmk1 is using uplink1 (uplink 2 in "unused") and vmk2 is using uplink2 (uplink 1 in "unused").

      I have all my ESXi which have vsan enabled on vmk1 (, vlan 1) and vmk2 (, vlan 2)

      Vlan 1 and vlan 2 are present on both sites, replication is wanted to be L2.

      Connectivity between esxis using vmk1 and vmk2 are ok.


      But so far, I can't get trafic to go to both vmknics at the same time. I don't understand why.


      It seems possible (https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:rd2gFU3NDQgJ:https://vtricks.com/working-with-vsan-part-iv/+&cd=7&… ) (sorry for webcache link, but main site not working ATM) but not easy to do / bogus (read red lines at the end).


      Thanks for any ideas.