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    vCenter to VCSA migration (6.0 to 6.7)

    jwlahr Lurker

      Am attempting to perform a windows vCenter running 6.0 with Embedded PSC to a VCSA appliance running 6.7 utilizing the migration tools. Keep receiving the error:


      + Invalid target name ([object Object]) specified in net mapping. OVF networks:   Network 1. Target networks:   vim.Network:network-160  vim.Network:network-162  vim.Network:network-201  vim.Network:network-205  vim.Network:network-207  vim.Network:network-208  vim.Network:network-210  vim.Network:network-211  vim.Network:network-212  vim.Network:network-771  vim.Network:network-772  vim.Network:network-773  vim.Network:network-774


      I am a bit lost as to what this is referring to as we have not networks named anything close to this. Has anyone seen anything similar.