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    VRops 7.5 Cluster node number

    cichi Lurker

      Hi all,


      I deployed a Vrops cluster with 2 nodes: Master and Replica.

      I have a vcenter adapter and its collector is set as Default collector group, to which belong both nodes.


      When I stop the master node, the replica node become the master, but data collecting stops working. I see in my solution tab vcenter adapter in status failed. I don't know why.


      My doubt is about the node number in the cluster: it's possible to have a cluster with only 2 nodes (master and replica) or is needed also a data node? The documentation I found is not clear on that point. Moreover I used the size calcutator wizard to sixing my deployment and it resulted with HA enable I need 2 node.


      What I'm doing wrong?




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          RickVerstegen Expert

          A cluster with only 2 nodes (master and replica) is a valid and supported configuration. Depending on the count of objects you are monitoring you may need more (data) nodes.

          When HA is enabled, the replica can take over all functions that the master provides, were the master to fail for any reason. If the master fails, failover to the replica is automatic and requires only two to three minutes of vRealize Operations Manager downtime to resume operations and restart data collection.

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            cichi Lurker

            Hi Rick,

            thanks for you reply.


            So, if the configuration is supported and the take over doesn't work I presume it's a problem with my installation.


            I'll open a SR.