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    vRealize Orchestrator, clustering

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Orchestrator/7.6/com.vmware.vrealize.orchestrator-install-config.doc/GUID-FC2DB652-6696-45F4-A0B7-2AE3D880BAD3.html

      Topic Name : Configure a Cluster of vRealize Orchestrator Instances in VAMI

      Publication Name : Installing and Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator

      Product/Version : vRealize Orchestrator/7.6

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      Hello! Last week i tried to set up 2 new vRealize Orchestrator in cluster mdoe, but every try after pressing "Join cluster", agreed with certificate an error applied to me after 59% with text "Command execution failed with unexpected error: com.vmware.vcac.configuration.utils.ProcessUtil$ProcessExecutionException: Can not read the Orchestrator pid from /var/lib/vco/app-server/logs/tomcat.pid pg_ctl: PID file "/var/vmware/vpostgres/current/pgdata/postmaster.pid" does not exist Is server running?." It's two clear Orchestrators, what's wrong?