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    Orchestrator 7.6 Performance Issue without Administrator Permissions

    MarkusGradel92 Lurker



      we use the Orchestrator 7.6 for VM-Provisioning and other activities. Some workflows need the REST-API and other the Web-Gui to start the workflows.

      The strange problem is, if you are not in the Active-Directory-Group, which is the Administrator-Group, you need to wait about 5 minutes until you can see some Workflows in the GUI.If you want to execute a Workflow with REST-API you have to wait about 30-60 seconds until the "Execution" starts.

      If you do the same activities with the "Administrator"-Permissions, you can see all workflows immediately, or if you start a workflow over the REST-API, you have no performance issue, or "Timeout".


      May somebody else have a similar issue?