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    ESXi 6.7 - Enabling an additional second NIC (vmk1) on a seperate network for SAN

    DonoRid Lurker

      Hi folks,


      In my home lab I've set up NAS server for iSCSI targets to simulate presenting SAN to ESXi host for VM's. I've got a second nic in both machines for DIRECT cable connection taking the general LAN and switches out of play (SAN network & General network is Long and short of it all, I can't get any comms between this cards. I've created a seperate iSCSI switch, iSCSI port group, and VMK1 to address with the Physical NIC2 attached. (direct cabled to Nas NIC2)

      I've set promiscous mode enabled.

      I've checked the routes and they seem fine:

      VMkernel Routes:

      Network          Netmask          Gateway          Interface    Local Subnet     vmk1    Local Subnet     vmk0

      default    vmk0


      Tried to ping from the NAS cli, and from ESXcli with no response.


      The Default IPStack (only) is on the network.


      Am I missing something right in front of my eyes?

      Thanks to anyone who can assist in my journey further.