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    Change lease limits on all deployed machines in vRA 7.3

    SteveEsx Novice

      I got a request to change our leases in vRA to be 365 days that can be renewed.

      That was easy enough to change on our blueprints with min days lease: 1 max days lease: 365, archival 90 days. 


      But how do I change it on deployed machines in vRA 7.3? They still follow the limits that were set when they were deployed and can only be extended for 90 days.


      I googled around and found this post below but it does not seem to change limits and only does a lease extension within limits set if I understand it correctly:


      Update Lease date for a deployed VM from VRO


      Can I change limits on deployed machines with a vRO workflow or do I need to edit the vRA database?

      It does not look like PowerVRA has any commands for this but maybe the CloudClient?


      Thanks for any help with this.