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    Strange behaviour VMware UEM with Drive Mappings

    johandijkstra Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      At a customer we have a strange "issue".
      We are using VMware UEM 9.2 on a RDSH (Citrix) environment.


      The strange issue we encounter is that, (we are using 5 mount points for the home folders of users, don't ask me why....)

      But the fact is. Every user has right on 1 of those mount points, and not on the others.


      The issue we see is that some users, only have access to MountPoint 5 for example, but in Windows at some point, a drive mapping to MountPoint 6 is trying to be made, and sort of succesfull....

      When using net use, it has a drive mapping to the 6 without drive letter.


      Any thoughts about this behaviour?