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    Add Network Serial Port in Fusion

    garrettc134 Novice

      Took awhile but I figured out how to connect to a network serial port in Fusion on my Mac.



      Step 1: Don't boot the VM

      Step 2: Add a serial port and chose a bogus file for it


      Step 3: Go into the VMX file. For me, I had to right click the VM file, select "Show Package Contents" then open vmNAME.vmx with a text editor


      Step 4: Remove the following: Note, these 3 lines were scattered throughout the .vmx file

      serial0.present = "TRUE"

      serial0.fileType = "file"

      serial0.fileName = "/Users/Untitled"


      Step 5: Add the following

      serial0.present = "TRUE"

      serial0.yieldOnMsrRead = "TRUE"

      serial0.fileType = "network"

      serial0.fileName = "telnet://:12345"


      Step 6: Turn on the VM. Telnet to 12345 and voila!


      Hope this is helpful for someone down the road