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    VRA Deployments : For DR

    DevD Novice

      VRA Version 7.4


      Hi, I am looking for a help to create a workflow to choose the Datastore cluster for DR Tiers (we have 4 DR Tiers - T1, T2, T3, T4),


      Here is what i have in mind.

      • Need to add a field in custom form - DR Tier
      • As per user selection (T1,2,3,4) - VM needs to deploy in respective datastore cluster.


      if any one know how what is the best-way please let me know.




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          Please take a moment to read the article in my signature. When it comes to asking for people to either hand over or custom-write scripts and workflows for you (which I see you've done in PowerCLI recently), it's generally not a polite thing to do. Helping you alter some existing work you have is one thing; but bringing nothing to the table first is quite another.