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    Send mail before approvals

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      I don't like the default mail of vRA (7.5). so I created a workflow which send mail.

      I use "Send notification to mailing list" in order to send mail in my style and relevant info.


      I have some Xaas and Blueprint requests which I configured to have an approval step.

      Because I don't like the default mail named: Action Needed: Request for XXXXXX : User interaction, which are sent to user to approve the request. I want to use my workflow.


      I created an 'Approval Polices' of type 'Service Catalog - Catalog Item Request - Xaas Blueprint '

      Add a new step named "TEST" and choose "Specific users and groups".

      In custom properties I added fields for the approve user.


      Then, I created a subscription event of type: Pre Approval

      In condition section I choose to run: Data > Information about the request > Approval level > Approval level name Equals TEST


      Finally, I asked for a new request.

      The approve user received in the vRA the new request to approve, however the workflow which send the mail didn't run.


      Only if I change the approval policy from "Specific user and group" to "Use event subscription" it works.

      However in my send mail workflow, I need to add a user interaction object and create attributes with my fields.


      If I had only one approval policy it was a good workaround, however, I have several approval policies, and it makes no sense to create for each one a new workflow.

      A workflow which contains the send mail workflow and a user interaction object witch include the relevant fields for the approve user.


      Finally, I just want to send my designed mail for requests which need an approve.


      Any easy idea, will be appreciate.