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    blueprint with dhcp and dns privisioned

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      I'm starting with VMware vRA Enterprise. I'm learning it, so sorry for question if already answered somewhre.


      I have simple task I want to achieve with integration of Microsoft DNS and DHCP:

      • create blueprint for Windows 10 VM (already done and able to provision)
        • VM has prefix "vm011" - "vm240" pool
        • VM has predefined network profile and IP pool in reservation
      • during blueprint provision I need to do following:
        • during provision VM gets name from default prefix automatically (i.e. vm123) (users cannot change prefix, it will be lab VMs strictly defined by resources and names)
        • customization specification reconfigure VM to this name and set networking to DHCP
        • I need that during lease time of VM existence - 2 ways, don't have preferrence:
          • 1 - register DNS A record in predefined MS DNS zone based on name - here vm123.something.domain.com - and creates DHCP reservation for it (again MS DHCP)
          • 2 - parse name vm123 and create DHCP reservation in predefined DHCP range as IP .123 (I can precreate DNS names which represents exact IP like vm123.domain.com =


      As Im learning I do not know how to achiev this - if it's possible to be done directly in vRA web or I need to implements embedded Orchestrator


      also I do not know if it's better to have standalone orchestrator or embedded, but as release 7.6 in docs is said that embedded is recommended.


      Could you please point me to right direcion?


      Much appreciated