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    Win 10 VM uploaded from Workstation 15 fails to start due to EFI Error "EFI Virtual Disk 0:0 Unsuccessful"

    zoics Novice

      I have uploaded a VM from workstation to ESXi 5.5.  This is a template vm that I had prepared in Workstation.  (additionally I exported as an OVF and imported which gave me the advantage of Thin provisioning the disks, but the result was the same).


      I get taken to the EFI boot manager, but have not successfully been able to boot.


      I have removed the line from the .vmx file  - firmware = "efi" - but this had the expected effect of not allowing the vm to boot.


      I have also tried to add a boot option via the maintenance manager above but this failed (I may have been doing this wrong).


      From the vmware.log I see:

      Guest: EFI Shell inactive in default boot sequence

      Msg_Post: Warning

      [msg.Backdoor.OsNotFound] No operating system was found.


      Any help appreciated! 


      On a side note - I had to convert the OVF using the OVFtool to use the SHA1 algorithm to allow for import as the ESXi 5.5 did not support the SHA256 verification.