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    Support for efibootmgr

    jayant1212 Novice


      is there any support for Linux command efibootmgr in ESXi hosts?

      Any similar command that can be launched from a console is also welcomed




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          pragg12 Hot Shot



          What is the purpose for which you are looking for efibootmgr in ESXi ?

          Btw, ESXi does not support efibootmgr command. Rest can tell when know the purpose.

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            jayant1212 Novice


            I have a server where I have multiple HDDs having multiple versions of ESXi. I am using it for some internal testing.

            I intend to use efibootmgr to control switching from one hypervisor to other depending on some run-time scenarios.


            If ESXi has no support for the command, an analogous command or method would be of great help.


            Thanks for the reply