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    VMC linked mode

    athurston Enthusiast

      Hi All,


      Just looking for a little clarification, we currently have two main sites both with vcenters with embedded psc's in linked mode with each other, am i right in thinking we can add the vcenter in VMC also or is this a limitation?


      If that is the case would we need to deploy the cloud gateway also?





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          yezdi Master

          I believe you meant 'on-premise' by saying 'main sites'. If so you can link the on-premise vCenters in Linked mode to the VMC vCenter with the feature 'Hybrid Linked mode'. Please refer the following article for more details.


          Hybrid Linked Mode

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            vaibhavt Enthusiast
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            Hello Alex,


            If you have two OnPrem vCenter's linked by ELM and now you wish to include VMC vCenter , this is possible


            From the VMC vCenter >> menu >> administration >> Linked Domains ; here you need to setup connection with any one OnPrem vCenter