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    Can anyone explain why Performance Metric Keys differ in Deployments

    IamTHEvilONE Champion

      In the process of monitoring Datastores, we track the total Read and Write latency of Datastores.


      Historically speaking, we would use performance metric keys 182 and 183.


      Based on a bit of code that queries all the performance keys and spits them out to console, I can see the following in one environment:


      182: datastore, totalReadLatency

      183: datastore, totalWriteLatency


      However, when I go into another vSphere/ESXi environment, I see this:


      339: datastore, totalReadLatency

      340: datastore, totalWriteLatency


      The performance metric keys are very different.


      I'm just trying to understand why or how this happened with the deployments.  I've modified our tool to pull the ID to value pairing to use the right one dynamically, but it is a head scratcher as to how this happened in the first place.


      Honestly, I'm just looking to see if anyone has encountered something like this to put a rationale or explanation to it.