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    Bare Metal edge nodes not forming TEP tunnel between cluster partners

    JSHARRIS3292 Lurker

      Have a weird situation where a new installation / architecture isn't working.  (This was tested in a lab and worked just fine w/ VM edge nodes).


      Have a bare metal edge node in DC1 on TEP pool and another bare metal edge node in DC2 on TEP pool  The edges are clustered together however will not form a  TEP tunnel between them.


      Pinging w/ dfbit enabled and mtu at 2000 (edges don't seem to work above this number, pinging edge to edge), no packet loss.  In there is an ESXi host w/ TEP, and it has formed tunnels to both DC1 edge node and DC2 edge node, so it appears that MTU and connectivity is just fine.


      Any ideas what could be the issue?


      Other symptoms:

      -Edge cluster is configured as HA / Prempt, however because the tunnel is down, both edges are Active