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    vRA 7.6 - Approval Policies - Require approval for older OS's and oversized VM's

    craigso Enthusiast

      I'm attempting to create an approval policy that will require manual approval if there is a provisioning request for older OS's (rhel6, win2k8). Along with this, I'd also like to require manual approval for oversized VM's. When I apply this policy to the entitlement, the approval policy is not triggered and the machine provisions.

      I've created the policy, which looks like this:

      Component Profile > vSphere Machine Image = ValueSet.XXXXXX

      The first part which is looking at a component profile called image, and looking at the valuesets for those images.

      The second part is just looking at hardware specs greater than X.

      I've applied these to the entitlements as show here:

      This issue with this config is that it seems like only the OS items are getting triggered for approval. All of the hardware specs are ignored, and the machine provisioned without manual approval. Am I missing something here?