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    vRealize Operations  Appliance 7.5 hang in startup

    whopke69 Lurker


      my vRealize Operations  Appliance 7.5 is hanging wen i starting it.

      it is stuck by : starting vRealize Operations Gemfire Locator (gemfire)

      its now bin there for 3 hours...

      the appliance is working as test in vmware workstation and has already run for approx 25 day's

      then i reboot my system, and now the vRealize Operations is hanging.

      vrealize 7.5 hang.png


      tried to reboot workstation an pc again, but it still stuck.

      i have still 3 days on licence.

      I tried to ssh but connection refused

      vrealize 7.5 hang 2.png


      any suggestions?