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    Shrinking vmdk

    gemini3 Lurker



      I have a large vmdk I want to shrink because the storage is running out of space.

      It is a 2.5 TB which should be resized to 800 GB. Unfortunately this is the only disk of the server, so OS and data resides on the same disk but in different partitions.


      I found this tutorial how to accomplish it without using converter: Shrink a VMware Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) – virtualman

      Has anyone tried this already?

      Because the VM storage has to be migrated at the end of the process, I guess the target storage needs to meet at least the size of the resized disk (in my case 800 GB).

      I'm asking because the migration process checks the storage size and will probably ask for 2.5 TB.


      Are there any other ways to safely resize my vmdk?

      Converter is very slow, so it will exceed my time slot


      Thank you.