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    Odata lambda operators

    xian_ Enthusiast

      I wanted to filter workitems based on itemData with key requestInstanceId


      curl -s -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "https://myvra.corp.local/workitem-service/api/workitems?%24filter=status+eq+'Active'+and+workItemType/name+eq+'Approval'" | jq .content[].workItemRequest.itemData

      gives me the active approval workitems' itemData.


      curl -s -k -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" "https://myvra.corp.local/workitem-service/api/workitems?%24filter=workItemRequest/itemData/entries/any(e:e/value/value+eq+'$catreqid')"

      gives me the following error:

      {"errors":[{"code":10105,"source":null,"message":"Unsupported operation.","systemMessage":"unsupported expression AggregateAnyFunction","moreInfoUrl":null}]}


      Is the any operator not supported at all, or is my syntax wrong?