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    /Storage/Log running out of space on VCSA 6.5

    JackJohn77 Lurker

      Hi, I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar situation. Basically, I've started getting alerts within vCenter about the health status of the vmware_vpostgres service. Upon close inspection, this appears to be due to the /storage/log disk nearing its capacity. I've gone ahead and expanded the drive, but this is only a temporary fix as the drive continues to fill up.

      I've come across a number of articles stating that this is most likely due to the log files in the SSO directory not being compressed correctly, but while I see a large number of log files there, none appear to be very large.

      The culprit that I am seeing is the messages.1 file which is now approaching 10GB and doesnt appear to be rolling over. Has anyone come across anything similiar? This appears to have started after updating vcenter to version