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    Open file from host using guest app

    tejeria Lurker



      It's possible open file from host using guest app? As I know, it's possible with VMware I have Fusion (MAC host and Windows Guest), but, with VMare Player? (Windows host Windows guest)




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          Only available in VMware Fusion AFAICR.




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            Dzomlija Novice

            Have you tried using a network share? I'm using a Windows 10 host with a Windows 7 guest running in WMWare, but the principle should remain the same.


            1. Share the appropriate host machine folder
            2. Start the guest Windows in VMWare
            3. Use Explorer to navigate to the appropriate network share, then right-click and select "Map Network Drive".


            That should do it, really. That will give you access to the host files on the guest OS, but wether or not you are able to open them for editing depends on if the guest has the necessary software installed.