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    Can you change your ESXi root password using the UI on the host?

    aj800 Novice

      We have requirements to change passwords periodically.  I understand that the root password, if ever lost, is not recoverable other than through re-installation of the hypervisor.  However, all I'm looking to do is change the password since we know it.  I can log in to the ESXi host, see the warning that it's being managed by the vCenter Server, and I can get to the user config and edit the 'root' account where it shows the password fields, but I'm wondering if it's that simple to change it since I had an issue a while back that was strange, and since I'm not sure if changing it here also impacts the SSH and DCUI access for the host.  Is it that simple?  (I believe I had changed it this way once and tried to log into the DCUI as root but it used an older password, which I still knew, so I'm skeptical)