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    How to update separate Office applications in an appstack (Visio and Project)?

    Anobix67 Enthusiast

      Hey all, looking for some advice as to how any of you are updating appstacks that have Visio and/or Project in them. Seeing how the updates aren't cumulative like they are for Windows, do you go to update the appstack then run the individual installers and then close up the appstack? (like from here: Microsoft Update Catalog  ?)


      Part of the reason why I ask is that while we have office 2016 in our golden image, if we have Visio or Project appstacks attached it causes a couple of the main office applications to re-configure themselves on startup. This just started happening after one of the more recent updates for Office that applied to our GI (as I hadn't noticed it before).


      Any advice would be great.