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    Null pointer exception on "Expand package to folder"

    TimDScott Novice

      Hi All,


      Currently getting a null pointer exception when expanding a package to a folder, any ideas how I go about troubleshooting this?


      It creates a folder structure and what looks like the majority of the package contents, but can't be sure it's everything.









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          iiliev Champion
          VMware EmployeesCommunity Warriors

          Well, the first thing is to check vRO logs looking for NPE stack trace, which should point to the exact location where the NPE is thrown.


          This looks like a client-side exception, so you need to look at both server-side (/var/log/vco/app-server/ folder) and client-side (vso.log file; usually in the same folder where the jnlp file used to launch the client is located) log files.


          BTW, which vRO version is this? Also, do you get this NPE with all packages you try to export, or only with a particular package?