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    Vmotion between PVLAN and standard VLAN lose connectivity

    lamdeptunhien9x Lurker

      Hi Guys! We are envolved in a complex migration between ESXi 5.5 with Gen8 servers and new ESXi 6.5 U2 Gen10 (Blades 460c in Gen10 c7000 with VConnect Flex) Everything is under VCSA 6.5. So, we need to migrate virtual machines between those environments. Main strategy to do this job is:



      - Do a first Vmotion from Cluster A (Gen 8 ESXi 5.5) to a intermediate host in Cluster B (Gen 10 ESXi 6.5) with EVC activated

      - Do a second Vmotion from Cluster B with EVC to Cluster C (Gen 10 ESXi 6.5) (Final scenario)

      - Intermediate host has conectivity to both clusters and its connected to different dVS, one with Cluster A and the other with Cluster C



      This strategy works well, but we have a problem with PVLANS. In Cluster A dVS there are a lot of virtual machines with isolated vlans configurated in port groups and when we jump from Cluster-A-dVS to Cluster-B-dVS (In Cluster-B-dVS there are no PVLANS) we lost comunication to this virtual machines for 30 minutes. When physical switches (Nexus 5000) clean ARP and learn again MACs from virtual machines.



      Question is: Do you think there is any chance to move virtual machines with PVLANS to new envyroment with 0 traffic lose?



      Thanks a lot for your time!