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    How can I get payed support for VMWare Workstation Pro?

    kopseng Novice

      You get 30 days of installation support when buying Workstation, but what if you need help after that? Say you are stuck by a bug?

      I cannot find any way of buying support when browsing the site, and my attempts at buying so far has failed. Renewal of support contracts kind of assumes you HAVE HAD a contract to begin with. Workstation isn't listed in any of the categories, anyway.

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          yezdi Master

          Definitely you can buy support subscription through VMware Sales. Please see the details in following link.

          Contact Sales, Contact Support, Product Support


          Following are the support offerings available now for Workstation Pro.  What is VMware Workstation Pro? | FAQs | UK





          -SD [vExpert 14-19,VCIX6-NV&DCV,RHCE]



          -SD [vExpert 14-20, VCIX6-NV&DCV,RHCE,AWS-SAA]

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            kopseng Novice

            The whole customer process for getting support is kafkaesque in nature.

            1. The link yezdi posted was to "Contact Sales", which states "For customer service-related questions or product support please visit Contact Support.". So this wasn't really the right link (for that, just scroll to the Solution part below.
            2. Clicking the support link brings me to the Get Support page. No matter which choice I make in the two drop downs, the result is zero in the "Select the Product Associated with the Issue" result area.
            3. Oh, there's a new link, Hooray! "Don't see your product listed? Read KB article 2009213". So we go to that article.
            4. It explains that the reason my product is not listed is that "The product is not covered by a support contract.". Well, gee whiz, I know. That's what I am trying to achieve.
            5. So I follow the link on to "How to Purchase and file Pay Per Incident support for VMware products (2014035)."
            6. That shows a 10 STEP PROCESS for purchasing a support ticket that then makes you wait before you are able to even create a ticket.


            What kind of customer hating imbecile has been allowed to create this monstrosity of user unfriendlyness? This is the least professional setup I have ever encountered. If the product hadn't been a tiny bit more stable than VirtualBox, VMWare would have been out of business, because this is such a poor experience that most people would give up before completing the adventure. Hasn't VMWare learned anything about machine learning, user-centric experience design, traits, etc that can make this easier? What about a low tech version, like just listing "Get support" as an option on My Page for the products you know I have? This mind-bafflingly bad design.



            Basically, go the the VMWare Store, press Support and choose Per Incident Support, which will lead you to this page. where you pay 54 euros per incident. That's fifty euros you PAY to report a bug in their software you already payed them for.




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