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    Cannot Create Dashboard vROPS 7.0

    tgrayatshi Lurker

      We are unable to create a dashboard in the vROPs 7.0 console.   We don't get an option to create a Dashboard when we click on Action, just Manage Dashboards.


      Here's the process we are using:






      1. In the menu, click Dashboards and look through the list of existing dashboards to determine whether you can use the cluster and host system dashboards to track your clusters and host systems.
      2. Click the Self Troubleshooting dashboard, and review the widgets included on it: Object Type, Select Objects, Metric Picker, and Metric Chart.
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      3. Create and configure a new dashboard that has widgets to monitor the health of your host systems and generate alerts.
        1. Above the dashboard view, click Actions and select Create Dashboard.
        2. In the New Dashboard workspace, for the Dashboard Name, enter System Health, and leave the other default settings.
        3. In the Widget List workspace, add the Object List widget and configure it to display host system objects.
        4. Add the Alert List widget to the dashboard, and configure it to display capacity alerts when the capacity of your host systems becomes an immediate risk.
        5. Add the Heatmap and Top_N widgets.
        6. In the Widget Interactions workspace, for each widget listed, select the Object List widget as the provider to drive the data to the other widgets, and click Apply Interactions.
        7. In the Dashboard Navigation workspace, select the dashboards that receive data from the selected widgets, and click Apply Navigations.