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    Mac OS Catalina (Beta) - CPU Heating Issue

    SteveLup Novice



      I noticed my fans were spinning constantly whenever using Fusion after installing Catalina and have narrowed it down to some rather curious behaviour.


      Using Intel Power Gadget to monitor CPU power / clock speed etc, the following strange behaviour is evident:-


      Basically, as soon as I open the VMware GUI (with no VMs running, nothing at all), instantly the core frequency of the CPU hits max and gets pegged there. CPU power consumption goes up from sub 10W to > 45W, the temperature rapidly rises and the fans end up running full speed.

      This is with -zero- actual CPU usage. The Core Utilization is < 5% and nothing of interest shows up in the Apple Activity Monitor. Close the VMware window and instantly, core frequency drops back down to something sane and the temperature immediately starts backing off.


      Very odd...