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    VMware Workstation 14 Player (non - commercial) Black Screen after Win10 1903 Update

    RayS55 Novice

      Immediately after installing Win10 1903 Update on my 64x Win10 Pro host and doing the automatic reboot, my VM shows a completely black screen except for the title at the top and the single-line menu bar below the title.


      I tried fixes other people have reported including updating host video driver and issuing Ctrl + Alt + Del key combo (on the host as well as on the guest) and multiple reboots. No joy.


      I'm running VMware-player-14.1.7.


      I notice some other people are reporting that the black screen problem which was caused by the 1903 Windows Update was corrected for users of VMware-workstation-full-15.1.0 but I don't see any solution for Player 14.1.7.


      Any trouble-shooting ideas or fixes?


      Thank you for you for help,